Gagik Minasyan: Armenia may become an exporter of energy
31.03.2006 14:44

"Although energy resources of Armenia are limited, the reserves
of these are still considerable," says Gagik Minasyan, Head of the
NA Standing Committee on Financial-Credit, Budgetary and Economic

"We cannot accept the idea that our energy sector will stay without
the Nuclear Power Plant," he said, turning to the energy prospects
of Armenia. Gagik Minasyan added that the former harsh international
approaches have been softened, and the idea that Armenia must have
a Nuclear Power Plant is already acceptable.

Turning to the current state of energy in Armenia and speaking about
the future programs, Gagik Minasyan expressed the opinion that
our country may become an exporter of energy. In the coming years
several newly constructed Thermal Power Plants will guarantee our
energy security.