Russia and Georgia signs treaty on withdrawal of Russian military bases from Georgia

Azeri Press Agency, Azerbaijan
March 31 2006

[ 31 Mar. 2006 15:14 ]

Russia will withdraw its troops from Georgia by the end of 2008.

APA bureau in Georgia reports that Russian land troops commander
Aleksey Maslov and first deputy Defense Minister of Georgia Mamuka
Kudava signed an agreement on withdrawal of Russian military bases
from the territory of Georgia. The agreement contains the exact
date of withdrawal of troops and details of transiting of military
equipment from Georgia.

Russian state budget will allocate 836 million rubles in 2006,
820 million in 2007 and 510 million ruble sin 2008 to take out the
military bases from Georgia.

In conformity with the agreement, Russia's military base dislocated
in Akhalkalak region of Georgia will be removed in 2006-2007 and the
base in Batumi will be taken out by the end of 2008. Russian military
equipment in Georgia will be taken to the military base #102 in Gumri
city of Armenia.

Georgia agreed to open its air for Russia's military airplanes to
carry military equipment. In addition, there will be no restrictions
to use of Georgian ports for carrying the equipment./APA/