ARKA News Agency, Armenia
March 31 2006

Yerevan, May 31. /ARKA/. By means of nuclear power Armenia is supposed
not only to satisfy its own energy needs, but also export energy,
Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission for Finance, Credit, Budget
and Economic Affairs Gagik Minasyan told reporters.

According to him, the construction of a new nuclear-power plant will
pursue this goal. "These prospects became possible after the European
Union somewhat moderated its policy toward Armenia's nuclear-power
sector, and international experts arrived at the conclusion that
Armenia needs an NPP," he said.

The Armenian NPP was put into operation in 1980. Specialists say that
it the NPP can operate until 2016.

In mid-April, 2006, the RA Parliament is to discuss amendments to
the RA Law "On energy", which abolish government monopoly of atomic
energy. The amendments are aimed at the attraction of foreign private
capital to the construction of a new NPP in Armenia.

The construction of the new NPP with a capacity of 1,000 megawatt is
estimated at $1bln. P.T. -0--