14:44 31/03/06

The head of "Nor Jamanakner" (New Times) party Aram Karapetyan
says that part of the finances of Lincy fund did not serve their
purpose. "As far as I am concerned it is demanded that Artashed
Toumanyan should pay about 3 millions back as a result of abuses,"
the political figure says calling the publications in the Mass Media
his source of information.

"Every day that person is called to 6th department, to the
State Security Service. They want to tell him something, don't
they?" Moreover, A. Karapetyan is not sure that such abuses will
not be allowed in case of 235.65 million USD given to our country
by Millennium War-calls Corporation. "I think part of the money will
certainly be robbed," the leader of "New Times" predicts the fate of
the American grant. /