15:00 31/03/06

Today more than 10 Armenian youth organizations have made a
joint declaration where it is stated: "Being concerned with the
unproductiveness of the negotiations and the announcements about
the possibilities territorial compromise we youth organizations
that signed below, inform the RA and NKR Governments, Armenian and
international community that: ~U we deny any possibility to hand over
our native territories ~U we condemn the announcements made by state
and political figures concerning this question ~U we demand that no
such statements as "area of security", "controlled territory" and
others should be used about the territories freed during Artsakh
war ~U we call RA and NKR Governments to offer all the favorable
conditions for repopulation and development of the freed territories
~U we call the youth to assist all the state and private programs
that aim at carrying out the above mentioned tasks ~U the youth is
ready to assist the Government to carry out the above mentioned thesis"

The following organizations signed under the document: "Mitk" youth
analytical centre, ARF "Nikol Aghbalyan" students' union, ARP Youth
Organization, "Vogu Pahpanner" youth and students' institution,
students' councils of Yerevan State Economical University, Armenian
State pedagogical University, YSU Faculty of History and several more
youth institutions. /