[05:50 pm] 31 March, 2006

The amendments to the RA Law on Energy will probably be discussed
during the coming NA four-day session. The amendments offer to make
it possible for the private sector to make investments into the atomic
energy field.

The head of the NA Standing Committee on Financial-Credit, Budgetary
and Economic Affairs Gagik Minasyan explained today in "Mirror" club
the advantages of the private sector for Armenia. According to him,
if previously the EU demanded to close down the Nuclear power station,
now it allows to open a new one which will have "regional importance".

"At least 51% or, better, 75% of the nuclear power station must
remain state property for the sake of security; after all it is a
nuclear power station. It would be wrong to wholly privatize it",
his opponent, head of the "New Times" party Aram Karapetyan said and
continued, "As a physicist, I know how the issue about uranium go on".

Those who demand to close down the Station Aram Karapetyan says, "Can
you burn your house with your own hands?" He takes into account the
fact that the 40% of electricity is secured by means of the nuclear
power station.