AZG Armenian Daily #059, 01/04/2006



One needs to produce high quality raw materials and goods, to establish
long-term business relations to contribute to the development of
construction sphere.

Gagik Galstian, head of RA Builders' Union, stated this
during "Construction and Renovation Expo 2006" exhibition. The
production of the Armenian construction materials include stone
and concrete proceeding mainly, while the rest of the materials
are imported. According to Galstian the local production is quite
competitive in the market. He advices the local companies to purchase
high quality equipment to secure production of high quality goods.

The exhibition will last till April 1. Over 60 local and foreign
companies participate in the exhibition.

Their representatives stated that the exhibition helps get familiarized
with the new achievements in the construction industry and to establish
business relations.

Arsen Ghazarian, chairman of Producers Union, stated that the growing
volume of construction in Armenia during the recent few years
contributed to the development of construction technologies. He
said that over 10 companies producing construction materials were
established during the last few years.

Though the participants of the exhibition were satisfied with the
initiative, they expressed discontent with the marketing level in
the sphere.

Particularly, Yuri Sahakian, head of "Poly Serve" company, stated
that the number of the local construction related companies is small
and this factor hinders cooperation. He said that unfortunately,
his company has to import raw materials from abroad, and as a result,
instead of developing the local construction market, they contribute
to the development of the relevant markets in Turkey and the Arabian

By Gohar Gevorgian