Today, Azerbaijan
April 1 2006

Preparatory trial of Yeni Fikir Youth Movement Chief Ruslan Bashirli,
Chief assistant Ramin Tagiyev and Coordinator Said Nuri was held in
the Grave Crimes Court.

As APA reports, they are accused due to the Criminal Code article 278
(to seize the power by force) and 192 (illegal entrepreneurship). The
sitting started an hour late as the lawyers did not come. But then the
both lawyers - Osman Kazimov and Elchin Gambarov joined the sitting.

The trial was presided over by Tofig Pashayev. The Republic
Prosecutor's Office representative Shahin Rahimov, acted as the Public
Prosecutor. Ruslan Bashirli demanded that Lider TV correspondent
should leave the trial hall and victims of March 31 Genocide of
Azerbaijanis should be commemorated in one minute silence. The
lawyer Osman Kazimov submitted a list of evidences to the defense
side and made some claims. He demanded that names of alleged Armenian
intelligence officers should be publicized, Osman Alimuradov's video
cassette should be submitted and fact that Ruslan Bashirli received
bribes from the embassies should be given to the trial.

"Statements against Ruslan Bashirli are reflected in investigation
materials. All of the statements were not included in the materials.

PFPA chief Ali Kerimli's statement was excluded from the materials.

There is no evidence in the material proving relation of Ruslan
Bashirli to Armenian intelligence bodies."

The Public Prosecutor said that the cassette will be submitted to
the trial in the next sitting and there is no need to give the other
evidences to the trial now.

Bashirli said that he underwent tortures during the arrest time and
got brain injury. He demanded that the law enforcement bodies who
tortured should be held accountable.

The Public Prosecutor also proposed to hold closed trial because
there is intelligence and state secret in the investigation. Lawyers
and the accused objected this proposal.