Victoria Dalkey, Bee art correspondent

Sacramento Bee (California)
March 31, 2006 Friday
Metro Final Edition

Coffee Works

"The Children of Gyumri," a remarkable show of artwork by students at
the Gyumri Aesthetic Center in Armenia, presents vibrant and joyful
images of brides, princesses, circuses, zoos and other delights. The
center, a school and orphanage, offers classes in drawing, painting
and carpet weaving to students ages 4 to 20 in an area of Armenia that
was devastated by an earthquake in 1988. All proceeds from sales of
the works will benefit the center and the children and teachers who
work, live and learn there. The show will be up through April 30 at
Coffee Works, 3418 Folsom Blvd. (916) 452-1086.