14:14 03/04/06

"In 2006 the Armenian national air-transferor "Armavia" starts
realizing flights to the USA," announced the head of "Mika Ltd"
company, stockholder of "Armavia" Michael Baghdasarov at the press
conference. As he said in the first year the flights to the United
States will cause damage of $5 million to the company. "At the moment
"Armavia" is a loser, yet the losses are concerned only with European
flights," M. Baghdasarov noticed.

The latter also informed that at present negotiations are conducted
with Georgian national air-transferor about realizing joint flights
Yerevan-Tbilisi Amsterdam and Yerevan-Tbilisi-London form May 2006. As
M. Baghdasarov said Armenia lacks air passengers for those flights just
like Georgia. That is why the flights are being joined. Moreover, the
planes are to refuel in Georgia which will reduce the expenditure for
$150. To note, at present "Armavia" realizes the 47% of the flights
in Armenia, and the flow of passengers is 56-57%.