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12:39:04 - 30/03/2010

The former NKR defense minister Samvel Babayan stated on March 30
that he does not see Karabakh a future negotiating party. He thinks
the mediators do not fulfill their task and obey the Azerbaijani
dictation. Samvel Babayan says a mediator is to have the status of a
judge. At the same time, Samvel Babayan notes that even if Karabakh
becomes a party of the negotiation phase, nothing will be changed.

According to him, the NKR issue settlement has been lost since 1994.

He says we had to force our rival sign a final agreement realizing
that by signing documents in 93, it the same started a war in December
1993. Samvel Babayan stated that it has been evident since ancient
times that in our region nothing can be solved through normal language,
but only force.

Samvel Babayan thinks Karabakh will become a negotiating party only
when the situation becomes tense and a war starts.