13:13:57 - 30/03/2010

On March 30, reporters asked the former defense minister of Karabakh
Samvel Babayan whether he thinks the possibility for a war is big
and he gave a positive answer.

He says everything is going towards a war. According to Samvel Babayan,
we are condemned to win in this war. We have no alternative.

In answer to the question whether Armenia is preparing for a war, the
former NKR defense minister said Armenia is preparing for it every day.

In response to the question what holds Azerbaijan back- Armenia's
power, the negative attitude of the superpowers or Azerbaijan is just
waiting for a term, Samvel Babayan said that first of all it is the
document which it used to refuse and which is refused by the Armenian
side now. The second factor, according to him, is the regional one.

And the third factor is that Azerbaijan is not confident.

Babayan says he already saw a war and would not like it to repeat,
but we need to be ready for it, we need to have a powerful country
to prevent it. By the way, Samvel Babayan thinks that is case of an
Armenian-Azerbaijani war, no superpower will support Armenia even
the CSTO members.