16:17:17 - 30/03/2010

Parliamentary member from the Republican faction Artak Grigoryan,
dwelling on the upcoming discussion of the Armenian genocide by the
Israeli parliament, noted that the possible discussion of the issue
in Knesset does not mean at all that the position of Israel changed
in this connection. According to him, Israeli scientific circles
have quite a fair behavior towards the Genocide but as soon as the
question is shifted to the political field from the scientific one,
the scene changes at once. According to Artak Grigoryan this is a
fact and we do not have to feel offended because everyone cares for
their own interests.

According to Grigoryan it is not the first time, this question
is brought up in the Israeli parliament. In 2008, the question
of introducing the issue into agenda was raised. Artak Grigoryan
thinks no serious change will happen, but predicts that the doze of
anti-Turkish moods will get a little more complicated in Israel and
they will give a small slap into Turkey's face by threats to recognize
the genocide. "Israel is not ready to recognize the Armenian genocide
yet", says Artak Grigoryan.