11:43 30/03/2010


Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is paying two-day visit
to Turkey, had a meeting with Turkey's PM Tayip Erdogan. After the
meeting German Chancellor and Turkish PM conveyed a news conference,
Turkish CNN Turk reported.

To a German reporter's request whether the issue of Armenian Genocide
was discussed during the meeting, Erdogan nodded "yes". The votings
of Sweden and USA have been thoroughly discussed and concluded that
those resolution obstruct the normalization of Armenian-Turkish ties.

"Let the historians settle that issue, Parliaments aren't places to
discuss them," Erdogan stated adding that Davutoglu called Clinton
and expressed Ankara's concerns over it.

Germany's Merkel underscored: "It's necessary the ties between Armenia
and Turkey to advance. Hopeful steps are made in this respect."

It's also notified that Erdogan's offer to found Turkish schools in
Germany has been differently received this time.

It's worth reminding that earlier Germany's Chancellor declared that
Turks living in Germany should attend German schools but yesterday
she stated that the sides have already made agreements. Turkey's PM
offered changing visa entrance regime, and the Germany's Chancellor
answered that issue should be thought.

Germany's Angela Merkel is supposed to meet with Turkey's Abdullah Gul.