March 31 2010

The Armenian society's expectations about a possible Sargsyan-Erdogan
meeting in Washington are a bit exaggerated, the former Foreign
Minister of Armenia Alexander Arzumanyan told journalists on March
31, commenting on the rumors that the destiny of the Armenia-Turkey
process lies in Washington.

"I do not expect any change in Turkey's stance. Turkey clearly declared
at the highest level that it is ready to ratify the Protocols provided
the Nagorno-Karabakh peace process registers a breakthrough,"
Arzumanyan said. "I do not expect any breakthrough in the next
fortnight," he said.

According to him, nothing but an empty and vague diplomatic statement
may be made in Washington.

As to an impact the U.S. President's pressure might have on the
Armenia-Turkey reconciliation, Arzumanyan replied: "Today Turkey is
a major partner in the region for the Obama administration and to be
in good relations with Turkey is in U.S. interests. U.S. will in no
way jeopardize them."