2010-03-31 15:34:00

Arminfo. As Ecolur reported, heavy machinery entered the pesticide
burial ground in Voghjaberd, and as a result, the burial ground cover
was leveled with the earth, the protective layer was harmed, the
integrity of capacities near the burial ground surface with 2-meter
depth was disturbed. A cloud of toxic substances was spread in the air.

It should be noted that more than 500 tons of expired and banned for
use pesticides with high concentration of chlorine, phosphorus and
other toxic elements and compounds were buried in this burial ground.

In her interview with EcoLur Chairman of "Armenian Women for Health
and Healthy Environment" Elena Manvelyan said that at least four state
departments should deal with the security issues of the burial ground
the Ministry of Emergency Situations of RA, the Ministry of Nature
Protection of RA, the Ministry of Health of RA and the Ministry of
Agriculture of RA. "We have raised this issue for several times and
the only reply we got was the situation is under control. We think
this control should be exercised straightaway. First of all, the local
population should be protected from the toxic substance having been
emitted in atmosphere among which one can find such toxic substances
as phosgene gas used as a chemical weapon during World War I," Elena
Manvelyan said.