"Armenia took a devious, mean and roundabout path which speaks of
the authorities' fear and mutilated dignity," Heritage Party founder
Raffi Hovannisian told A1+ when commenting on the parliament speaker's
decision to remove Zaruhy Postanjyan from the Armenian delegation to
the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

"Our struggle will be ongoing and Mrs. Postanjyan will continue making
speeches. I also see some hyporacy here as in her speeches Mrs.

Postanjyan raises not only the issues of human rights, deadly clashes
of March 1, 2008, Armenian political prisoners, but also dwells on
the Armenian Genocide, destruction of Armenian cultural heritage in
Djugha and the problems of Artsakh. Let all people who have admitted
the Madrid Principles as the country's official political course, who
have laid our national security, interests and rights on the altar,
be concerned over Armenia's future," said Mr. Hovannisian.

"This is a matter of dignity, a challenge to Armenian citizens and
oppositional forces which needn't separate them from others - be
it Heritage, Armenian National Congress of Armenian Revolutionary

Our public must rearrange and urge its representatives - parties and
deputies - to give up "megalomania" otherwise PACE will sustain our
mandates and we shall start blaming the outer forces for settling
issues to the detriment of Armenia, while in reality Armenia makes
PACE take such a decision with its covert behaviour."