14:08 01/02/2010

"Those thinking that Karabakh conflict will be settled in the framework
of the discussing, negotiating formats, in the forthcoming two years
are deeply confused. Karabakh conflict is classified among those
issues which don't have soonest solution and can't be defined.

Similar conflicts are blockaded," Hayk Demoyan, director of Armenian
Genocide museum-institute told at news conference. "Azerbaijan is
ruled by everything otherwise nothing slogan, and they'll never stop
demanding Nagorno-Karabakh to join them. This is a point that Armenian
side will never assume," expert said adding that in similar cases
war may become conflict settlement scenario. But it was also stated
that Azerbaijan is conscious of its losses if war starts. According
to Demoyan any military activity in the region will be a short one
as 2008 August war showed. "There won't be long lasting wars. Neither
powerful state will assume that," expert said.