14:57 ~U 01.02.10

A report released by Reform Institute, a European think tank, says
that implementing the Nabucco gas pipeline project is being postponed
because of the process of normalizing Armenian-Turkish relations,
Turkish news agency Cihan reports.

It also says that Turkish-Azerbaijani relations became tense after
Turkey and Armenia launched a process aimed at normalization of
relations between the two countries. And this reality, the institute
explains, is a serious factor in the Nabucco project being postponed.

Initially, the minimum quantity necessary for the realization of
the project - 8 billion cubic metres of gas - is set to be acquired
from Azerbaijani Shah Deniz gas field. But according to the report,
oil companies have already stopped drilling there.

The report also highlights that it will not be possible to implement
the Nabucco project unless all disagreements are accorded between
Armenia and Turkey.