Today, the coordinator of the Armenian National Congress Levon Zurabyan
stated that he does not think there is anyone in Armenia to exclude
that en economic or political crisis is possible in Armenia which
will bring about extraordinary elections.

In answer to the question what is more likely Robert Kocharyan's
return to politics or Levon Ter-Petrosyan's becoming president, Levon
Zurabyan said he does not consider possible Robert Kocharyan's return.

Zurabyan said that there are so many crimes on him, and the hatred
of the Armenian people towards him is so much that his return is
really impossible. Zurabyan stated that Kocharyan's latest visit to
Iran ordered by Serge Sargsyan proved that he is not going to return
to politics.

As to the competition between Robert Kocharyan and Levon Ter-Petrosyan,
Levon Zurabyan thinks Ter-Petrosyan has bigger chances to win.

Reporter also asked who the second person within the Congress is noting
that Nikol Pashinyan's influence keeps enhancing. Zurabyan said that
within the HAK, everyone is soldiers, starting from Ter-Petrosyan
ending with the last activist. According to him, we appeared in a
dictatorial regime, and all need to be soldiers to fight against it
and to win it.