The possibility of war in the Karabakh conflict is big because
the geopolitical balance is changing in favor of Azerbaijan and the
tensions connected with a military solution keeps increasing. This is
the opinion of the coordinator of the HAK Levon Zurabyan who agreed
with the prediction of the American Stratford analytic center that
the Karabakh conflict is possible to come out of control and to become
a third world war.

Levon Zurabyan thinks this big possibility is determined by the
activities of the current regime as they undertake concessions which
are a result of changed geopolitical balance. According to him,
from the point of military, economic and other resources, Azerbaijan
is stronger than Armenia. The best achievement of the tenure of the
first president was that we were able to hold a victory over a rival
which was much stronger. But the image changed after Ter-Petrosyan's
resignation, says Levon Zurabyan.
From: Baghdasarian