On these days, the Azerbaijani media issued information as if as a
result of monitoring carried out in December and January, pollution
in Kur and Arax rivers was found out to be big which is mainly due
to cooper and phenol combinations. The Azerbaijani side thinks the
author of the pollution is Armenia.

In this connection, the ministry of nature protection of Armenia
informs that the data of the Azerbaijani side are not true. In the
part of Arax River, bordering with Armenia the amount of copper in
2009-2010 January is within the permissible limits. At the same time,
the amount of copper in Arax, Debet and Aghstev rivers is below the
adopted norms in European countries.

The presence of phenol is determined by the waste of huge organic
chemical industry, oil, production of wood material and cattle-breading
which currently lack in Armenia. This issue was brought up by the
Azerbaijani side still in Soviet times. After monitoring for 5 years
the amount of phenol in Armenian waters was found out to be low and
the monitoring was stopped. The Azerbaijani side has set for itself
low level of phenols permissibility without grounds and declares that
the waters are polluted.

Nevertheless, the monitoring of phenols in Armenian waters is
restarting and in upcoming months, the latest data will be known. At
the same time, at the proposal of the Azerbaijani side, with which
the Armenian and Georgian sides agreed, monitoring of the surface
of waters for the presence of phenols within the framework of the
European Union TASIS project will be carried out.

Despite all this, the Azerbaijani side, groundlessly, issues unserious
statements, the message of the ministry of nature protection runs.