17:05 ~U 02.02.10

The preliminary investigation in a case against an RA Nubarashen
Prison officer for negligence of his duties concluded today, says
the RA Attorney General's office.

The investigation revealed that from 2-11 pm on November 1, Garnik
Movsisyan, a Nubarashen security officer, had been working in some
of the cells and, having finished his work, had handed his tools to
an inmate named Eghoyan instead of handing them over to the person
responsible of that day's service shift.

Movsisyan in fact handed Eghoyan a hammer and a pincer - tools
prohibited to be given to inmates. Eghoyan had asked the tools to
repair his cell, but instead he took advantage of the situation
and used the tools for other purposes. Particularly, he moved the
window stones and cut the metal sieve over the window and escaped
from the prison.

Ironically, Eghoyan was found and brought back to Nubarashen Prison
on the same day. He is charged with Article 315, Section 1 of the
Criminal Code of Armenia.

The case was sent to Yerevan's Court of First Instance of Centre and
Nork-Marash for examination.