15:00 ~U 02.02.10

Last year, 9.97 million litres of brandy was produced in the country -
38.4% less than in 2008, according to Armenia's National Statistical

Instead, wine production increased during the same period by 30.8%,
constituting a total of 4.4 million litres per year. In 2009,
local vodka and vodka-liqueur production rose by 7.7% to about 13.15
million litres. Also, beer production saw a 2.8% increase - to 10.8
million litres.

Experts say the reduction in Armenian brandy production last year
is due to a significant drop in demand in the Armenian brandy's
main markets - Russia and Ukraine - and was caused by the global
financial crisis.

In 2009, Armenian mineral water sector also saw a reduction due to
lack of demand in foreign markets. Last year, mineral water production
dropped 29.1% to 25.4 million litres.