Tuesday, February 02

If the EU national referendums set to vote on Turkey's EU membership,
then the majority of Europeans would be against Turkey's joining the
EU, according to the latest opinion poll 'Turkey's accession to the
Union', released by Russian Armenians' Erkramas paper.

The opinion poll shows that 52% of respondents oppose Turkish
membership. 41% of respondents favor Turkey to join the EU, and 7%
of them found it difficult to answer.

The poll was coordinated by the Autonomous University of Madrid,
University of Granada, and Turkey's University of Bogazici.

This is not all of a sudden, says expert at the Center for Ethnic
and Political Science Studies, Boris Kharkovsky. "These days, up to
15 million Turks live in the EU countries, and it is difficult to
call them 'good neighbors'. Their refusal to integrate into local
communities and live in accordance with the European values negates
and nullifies the campaign carried out by Turkey in Europe, when it
tries to represent itself as a civilized nation."

It's worth mentioning, that talks on Turkey's application to accede
to the European Union have been started since 2005. As experts and
analysts say, Turkey may join the EU in 10-15 years.