Tuesday, February 02

Today is the 67th anniversary of Stalingrad battle. In the sever battle
of Stalingrad took part also Armenians. The battle that lasted around
200 days was crucial for the WWII.

Today few of the participants of Stalingrad battle are alive but as
Hrant Hovhanisyan the chairman of the veterans of the Armenia assured
to there are veterans of that war who have taken part in
the battle and are still alive.

"The Armenians showed who they really were on the Stalingrad battle",
- H. Hovhannisyan mentioned and added that his brother Mkhitar
Hovhannisyan too has partaken in that battle and has died.

"On the Stalingrad battle there were Armenians in all Russian
divisions", - mentioned Hrant Hovhannisyan and added that he can't
say exactly how many Armenians took part on the Stalingrad battle
and how many veterans are alive today.