01.02.2010, 17:56

There is a kind of pause in process of normalisation of Armenia-Turkey
relations, which are to be activated within a certain time period, said
at today's press conference Director of the Genocide Museum-Institute
Dr. Hyke Demoyan.

Through its statements, Turkey is trying to get into time-trouble to
insure itself, as in chess-language, against Zugzwang, says Dr. Hyke

"Powers didn't respond to Turkey's statements that it was making after
Armenian Constitutional Court's decision. So Turkey understood Armenia
wouldn't make a concession in the issue of the Karabakh settlement.

And this is the first disappointment. The second one refers to
Turkey's expectations that Armenia would make a concession in the
issue of the international recognition of Genocide," said historian.

Hyke Demoyan said he believes Turkey realizes that cannot expect
from Armenia in the issue of borders more than it has got under
international treaties. Historian pointed that we are watching the
process of 'how difficult to Turkey is to lose Azerbaijan', and not
'how difficult to Turkey is to open the border and reconcile with

"In this situation the both sides will be guided by the principle of
paying less and getting more. As April marks the symbolic line, the
"red cards" period will start for Turkey's attempts to fasten down
and fail Armenia-Turkey relations," said Hyke Demoyan.

If the process of reconciliation fails, Turkey will either face
serious domestic problems, or will normlise relations with Armenia
and open the border.