Story from News:
Published: 20:40:05 - 29/06/2012

At about 18:30 the military doctor Vahe Avetyan died.

Doctor Vahe Avetyan and another employee of the military hospital
Artak Bayadyan were brutally beaten by the security guards of Harsnakar
Restaurant owned by Ruben Hairapetyan in the evening of June 17.

Vahe Avetyan was in coma and did not wake up.

Avetyan was a military doctor, the head of ENT unit of the military
hospital. The doctor, 33 had severe brain injuries.

6 members of the security staff have been arrested. Human rights
activists say judging by the investigation everything is done to
cover up the case, particularly the owner of the restaurant though
press reported that he had ordered to beat.

From: Baghdasarian