Military Vulnerability Will Be Reduced

Wednesday, 27 June 2012 18:58

The first Sunday of his electoral campaign candidate for the NKR
President's post Vitali Balasanyan spent in a number of villages of
Mardakert region. His first stop-over was the frontier Talish village
where the presidential candidate was waited for in the morning.

It was not so easy to reach this frontier village by the roads in
rather poor condition which, however, are of great strategic
significance. In the village of 141 households the candidate was
warmly welcomed, the villagers got acquainted with some provisions of
his election programme, particularly with those of security, defense
army reinforcement, foreign policy and agriculture. The candidate for
the Presidency referred to the inadmissibly poor state of the roads to
Talish and spoke of the necessity of their construction.

During the meetings the candidate had in this village and in Mataghis
the inhabitants expressed their anxieties about their security. Vitali
Balasanyan shares the villagers' troubles in this concern but he also
suggests his own way of solution to the problem. As he assures in case
of being elected he will set to the construction of new and modern
military installations which will make it possible to reduce the
military vulnerability, consequently will secure the frontier
inhabitants' safety. `Each year we have a great many victims and
wounded soldiers. Why so, if we can avoid losses in killed and
wounded. The present situation is inadmissible,' Vitali Balasanyan

`You are twice heroes as you had to bear all the hardships of the war,
you were forced to leave your native villages but again returned here.
Today living at a distance of several kilometers from the frontier
with our enemy you have to bear such unfavourable conditions. Together
with the inhabitants of all the frontier villages you deserve to live
in better conditions,' Vitali Balasanyan underlined during his
meetings with the inhabitants of Talish, Mataghis, Hakob Kamar,
Maghavouz, Mets Shen, Mokhratagh, Tsaghkashen, Nerqin Horatagh,
Kousapat and Aghbekalanj villages of the region and added that if he
is elected greater attention will be paid to the reconstruction of
frontier villages.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress