Nov 2, 2009

YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 2, ARMENPRESS: The regulation of Armenian-Turkish
relations and of Karabakh conflict are two different processes, and
one should not connect them with each other, Special Representative of
European Union to South Caucasus Peter Semneby stated in the interview
to "Vremya Novostey" newspaper.

He noted that the ratification of Armenian-Turkish relations will take
place, as it stems from the benefits of the two countries, "Turkey
has started that process not because it has a kind attitude toward
Armenia, but because it stems from its own interests. This became one
of the examples of Turkey's policy toward its neighbors. Of course,
for Turkey it is also important to have in the center of its attention
Azerbaijan's interests, to hear how Azerbaijani people respond and
what they speak, but in the end, the end of the process stems from
the interests of Turkey", the European official said.

According to him, the regulation of relations between Armenia and
Turkey will open new opportunities and will have a favorable impact
in regard of the security of the region, as well as will influence
on economy positively.

Underscoring that one should not connect Armenia-Turkish relations
and Nagorno Karabakh conflict regulation with each other, Semneby
said, "these are two different issues; one should not connect them
with each other. Otherwise it is possible to easily appear in such a
situation, when the opportunities of normalizing the relations will
close again. Nevertheless, it is obvious that the development of one
of the mentioned issues affects the general atmosphere. It is necessary
to do so that they influence on each other as positively as possible."