Nov 2 2009

A cutback in spending for RA defense under 2010 budget blueprint
will make no difference to the state army combat capability, Hrayr
Karapetyan, ARFD representative and head of NA Standing Committee on
Defense, National Security and Internal Affairs stated.

According to him, the draft provides for the same level of defense
budget as last years, that is 3.5% of GDP. Karapetyan considers that
all necessary expense items are there, with construction expenditures
cut only. "Therefore it will not affect the army anyhow. Moreover,
organizational works are conducted for the armed forces' enhancement,"
he said. The politician also informed that Armenia put a point before
international organizations on closer monitoring of Azerbaijan in
terms of armament, that permanently violates provisions under Treaty
on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe.

Karapetyan outlined that defensive ability is clearly demonstrated in
the contact line. MP emphasized Armenia's defense potential is more
advanced and the recent incidents showed inability of Azerbaijani
army. "The stories by Azeri leadership are untrue," he concluded.