11 years pass since occupation of Gubadly District

Assa-Irada, Azerbaijan
Sept 1 2004

Baku, August 31, AssA-Irada

Tuesday saw the 11th anniversary of the occupation of Gubadly District.

Members of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan, Garabagh Liberation
Organization, as well as the Garabagh war veterans and representatives
of a number of public organizations paid tribute to the Cemetery of
Martyrs on the occasion. Armenian military units that occupied Fuzuli
and Jabrayil districts on August 23 blockaded Gubadly District on
the same day. Armenians took control on the district following the
battles that lasted for 8 days.

232 local people fell victims and 146 became handicapped during the
battles. 95 settlements of the district with a total area of 826 square
kilometers are currently under the Armenian occupation. More than
30,000 residents of Gubadly have become internally displaced persons.*