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Sept 3 2004

Tavush storm response improves living conditions for 21,000 people

World Vision International

World Vision International (WVI) - Australia

More than 21,000 people in Armenia's Tavush region are benefiting
from 50 restoration projects, as World Vision helps rebuild
communities devastated by the storm that hit the country in March
this year.

The storm wreaked enormous damage in towns and villages across the
World Vision US-funded Tavush Area Development Programme (ADP) in
north-east Armenia, tearing roofs off residential buildings and
damaging water supply facilities.

Funding from World Vision in the United States and Hong Kong has
enabled World Vision Armenia to address the needs of the communities
affected by the disaster.

In Azatamut community, the storm damaged the roofs of many apartment
buildings, and frequent rains created serious problems for residents.

"It rains almost every day and the walls and ceiling in our apartment
are damp and mouldy. My two-year-old granddaughter, Ani, catches
colds very often," said Greta Tamrazyan, one of 169 residents of a
five-story building.

"We tried to cover the holes in the roof, but the wind keeps ripping
off pieces of old roofing," said Lilit Atabekyan, another resident.

Together with the local community and with funding from World Vision
US, the Tavush ADP is renovating the roofs of some 21 apartment
buildings in Azatamut. World Vision supplied roofing and other
construction materials and the community provided construction

With funding from World Vision Hong Kong, more than 860 people will
benefit from the renovation of roofs in six residential buildings in
the town of Ijevan. World Vision Armenia has already completed the
renovation of the roof of a nine-story residential building.

"I used to wake up at the sound of rain and start placing buckets and
basins under the water pouring off the ceiling. Thanks to World
Vision I don't have to do that anymore," said Nektak Yeritsyan, a

"My son worked on the construction. Many people wanted to help," she

"These projects are very important not only because they are helping
to improve living conditions for many poor families. By working
together, people are realising that only their active participation
and cooperation makes projects like these possible," said Varoujan
Nersisyan, the Mayor of Ijevan.

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