03-06-2008 12:00:34

On May 27, 2008 the 17th meeting of the board of trustees of
Armenia Foundation took place at the conference hall of the Armenian

During the meeting a number of important issues were discussed,
and important decisions expected were expected to be made. Before
the meeting we published a series of materials which pointed
to the shortcomings of the activities of the Foundation. It
referred to the quality of work done, the relations between the
NKR government and the foundation, the lack of control, and the
factor of confidence. Apparently, all these issues were discussed
in the meeting. At least, the official news release of Armenia
Foundation holds: "The foundation is an established organization
with an experience of 16 years, however as any living being it needs
modernization to face modern challenges."

After the meeting the NKR president and prime minister who
participated in the meeting of the board did not hold a news
conference and did not explain how the relations between the
foundation and the government will continue, in the former manner
or will be modernized. It is possible that silence is determined
by alleged changes in the Foundation. More exactly, the executive
director Vahe Aghabekyans is said to be replaced. The person who
unlike the previous directors confessed that the current mechanism
of the Foundation needs modernization.

Vahe Aghabekyans who visited Karabakh a few months ago and signed
an agreement with the government (it turns out that cooperation has
been without an agreement so far). It is true that the office of the
Foundation was not set up but nevertheless.

It was noted in the report of Aghabekyans that in 2007 the Foundation
continued its work. "In particular, about 30 km of water pipelines
were operated." "I would like to note that the program of gasifying
Hadrut and the reconstruction of the regional hospital, as well as
the renovation of the school of the village of Togh continue. I would
also like to inform that recently an agreement has been signed with
the government of Artsakh to finish the construction of the unfinished
highway South-North," Vahe Hovanisyan said.

He also offered a proposal on the improvement of the activities of
the Foundation, in particular, the necessity for amendments to the
regulations of the organization.

As to future, one thing is clear that the programs affirmed for 2007
will continue. The next telethon will be devoted to the program of
development of rural areas in Armenia and Artsakh.