2008-08-07 16:34:00

ArmInfo. OSCE MG American Cochairman Matthew Bryza explained his
own statements on settlement on Nagorno Karabakh conflict, having
partially denied the press statements.

As "Zerkalo" Azerbaijani newspaper reports, M. Bryza said in an
interview with BBC Azerbaijani Service that he did not say about the
"referendum" when talking to "Interfax" Agency correspondents. As
M. Bryza said, someone read his interview incompletely and introduced
it incorrectly. He thinks thy are not acquainted with the problem
details. He said he was misunderstood in Azerbaijan: hi did not
say about prompt determination of Nagorno Karabakh status by its
residents. He added that the matter did not concern the political
status of Nagorno Karabakh. According to M. Bryza, he actually said
that there is a wide package of proposals from OSCE MG cochairmen
which, first of all, mean withdrawal of the Armenian forces from
seven Karabakh- adjoining regions and return of refugees, followed
by withdrawal of peacekeeping forces, as well as establishment of a
corridor between Armenia and Karabakh. M. Bryza said that just these
proposals may be put to voting in one or another form and added
that it is quite another issue whether it will be a referendum or
plebiscite. As M. Bryza said, one may say for sure that it will be
voting in one of the forms, and the NKR residents will be able to take
part in it. He added that all this may happen in future. However,
he said, the process of voting may happen after return of refugees
to their homes. According to M. Bryza, the point is that the details
of the voting have not been determined so far, however, they may be
agreed during preparation of the basic agreement terms.

Talking of possibility of holding a referendum on Nagorno Karabakh
status, the American cochairman said that they recognize the
territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and added that this international
principle has a very high diplomatic status. At the same time, At the
same time, he said, there are also political principles important
to the Armenian party. M. Bryza also said that if an agreement is
reached it should be signed by both parties.

Thus, he said, the parties have to come to agreement based on
a platform agreed in advance, that is, based on the territorial
integrity of Azerbaijan. As M. Bryza said, presently they are working
over reaching such an agreement. He expressed an opinion that one may
say now that the process came back to its course. At the same time, he
said, he admitted absence of a substantial progress in basic issues. As
the American cochairman said, both parties should get used to the idea
that they may acquire something and, at the same time, compromise in
something, however, the whole "acquiring- compromising" diagram is
based on the principle of Azerbaijan's territorial integrity.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress