The Nation, Kenya
March 29 2006


The Government is tomorrow expected to explain the presence of two
foreigners in the country at the centre of mercenary claims.

A query on the presence of the foreigners could not be answered
yesterday owing to confusion on which ministry would provide the

The ministry of Foreign Affairs, to which the question was directed,
instead re-directed the question to the minister in charge of Internal

Assistant minister for Foreign Affairs Danson Mungatana said most
of the issues regarding the foreigners touched on national security,
under the Office of the President.

Said Mr Mungatana: "It has been agreed between the two ministries
that the issue be handled by the Office of the President. The question
will be answered on Thursday."

Mr. Joseph Kamotho (Mathioya, Narc) wanted to know the official link
between the alleged mercenaries and the government of Armenia.

He wanted to know if Mr Artur Margaryan and Mr Artur Sargsyan, who
claim to be businessmen are really investors, and why they had been
accorded high security by the Government.

On Wednesday, Internal Security minister John Michuki said the two
foreigners were not among the hooded men who raided the Standard Group.