[07:48 pm] 25 May, 2006

"Iravunk" weekly is going to appeal to the Prosecutor's Office
demanding to institute proceedings against Sashik Sargsyan who is
accused of violating the right of a journalist in the NA.

Let us remind you that that two days ago Alexander Sargsyan, NA deputy
and brother of RA Defense Minister Serge Sargsyan cursed and threatened
Taguhi Tovmasyan , reporter of "Iranunk" for the material he "didn't
like" and made attempts to find out the source of information.

Today Haik Babukhanyan, deputy chairman of Constitutional Rights
Union and secretary of the editorial council of "Iravunk" informed
that he was the main source of information and Sahik Sargsyan can
turn to him in case he has got any question.

I see a group of criminals connected with the act of this deputy
and the editorial staff of the newspaper will bring an action on
this score,

"We can hardly have any expectations from the Prosecutor's Office and
from Courts but we keep silent," informed the editor of the newspaper
Hovhannes Galadjyan.

Ashot Abgaryan, lawyer and representative of the newspaper will deal
with the legal issues. He is already preparing material and he will
likely present them to the Prosecutor's Office.

By the way, the Mass Media are going to submit a joint announcement
condemning the attempts of breaching a journalist's activity.

Of course we can anticipate how many of them will sign the announcement
and who will be offered to put his signature on the whole, and we
assume that once more the field of journalism will be divided nearly
the same way it was after the announcement on the embattlement of