Armenian communists to side with opposition

Haykakan Zhamanak, Yerevan
2 Apr 04

By Avetis Babadzhanyan

The Communist Party of Armenia [CPA] yesterday adopted a decision to
support the Justice bloc and the National Unity Party in the issue of
changing the government. The first secretary of the CPA, Ruben
Tovmasyan, told us.

He added that they will actively participate in drawing up and
carrying out the opposition coalition's actions aimed at changing the
government. In particular, the CPA will soon issue an order to its
members to take part in mass rallies against political
intolerance. The secretary of the party, Norik Petrosyan, added that
in fact, their position cannot be a surprise as their party has always
been in opposition to the current administration of plunderers. "The
change of power has long become a public demand and our task is to
meet that demand. Another matter is that the CPA will take part in
setting up a new government with its own flag, programme and a demand
for the fulfilment of the principles of socialist mentality,"
Petrosyan said.

As he said that the CPA cannot but be in opposition to the incumbent
administration, we asked him to comment on the pro-government
statements of the United Communist Party, particularly, on Yuriy
Manukyan's policy of staying between the authorities and the people
and on Grant Voskanyan's call on the authorities to take more active
actions. "As for Yuriy Manukyan's statement, it is difficult to
express a better idea that could deprive the incumbent authorities of
their laurels. It means that society is divided into two parts: the
pro-authority group on the one hand, and the people on the other. A
real communist would not stay between them, but would lead the
people," the CPA secretary said.