Azeri president's aide warns Turkey against opening border with Armenia

ANS TV, Baku
3 Apr 04

[Presenter] If Turkey opens its border with Armenia, this will mean
that this country has surrendered to the small Armenian state, the
head of the foreign relations department of the presidential
administration, Novruz Mammadov, has said. He believes that public
discontent with this issue is quite justified.

[Novruz Mammadov] In general, this issue has become more topical of
late. Armenia raised the issue of opening the border with Turkey as
soon as it gained independence. It is continuing to work in this
direction and is clearly putting more pressure in this connection. It
takes advantage of all means to attain this goal. Therefore, I believe
that public discontent with this issue is well-founded. It is very
natural and it is very good at the same time that the public wants to
prevent this course of events, and this anxiety is justified.