YEREVAN, MARCH 31, NOYAN TAPAN. "The process of national revolution
will start in April. And I am absolutely convinced to declare that we
are doomed to victory," Aram Karapetian, Chairman of the Nor
Zhamanakner (New Times) party, declared at the March 30 second special
congress of the party. According to him, taking into account the
"pre-revolutionary situation" formed at present, there are 2 ways of
its solution, first, authorities' negotiations with the opposition,
and second, unless this takes place all pre-conditions for the
realization of the Kyrghyzian variant will arise in the country.
Meanwhile the leader of Nor Zhamanakner party assured that there will
be no attacks on shops and breakage of cars, everything will proceed
in an exclusively peaceful way.

According to Karapetian, the party plans to realize the revolution by
3 stages: visits and meetings in all Armenian marzes, active agitation
activity with the population on the spot, collection of the critical
mass that should bring forward the main slogan to the authorities:
"Victory Everywhere and at All Times." Aram Karapetian pessimistically
treats the conversations about a revolution from without. According to
him, the main conditions should mature in the country itself, which is
a pledge for the revolution. As for rumours that this or that
politician is a creature of some state, he declared: "We are nobody's
friends and expect nothing from others, nobody promised us anything.
If I had come not from Russia but, for instance, from Czechia, would
they call me the minion of Czechs?" According to Aram Karapetian, the
party headed by him is going to propose the President that he should
dissolve the NA and government and then resign himself. Then at last
transparent and fair elections are to be held.