AKHALKALAK, APRIL 1, NOYAN TAPAN. On March 31, the "United Javakhk"
public bloc organized a rally in Akhalkalak. According to the A-Info
agency, nearly 2500-3000 people participated in the rally, which is
twice less compared with the March 13 rally. First the rally
organizers represented the results achieved after the previous rally,
in particular, re-opening of the international passport department in
Akhalkalak, the promises of Georgian high-ranking officials about
reconstruction of roads, simplification of customs services, teaching
of the history of Armenia in Armenian schools. Then they touched upon
the issue of indifference of central authorities of Georgia to
Javakhk, spoke about language, school, social problems. The rally
organizers put forward the issue of Georgia's recognition of the
Armenian Genocide. The rally organizers said that they are going to
apply to the Armenians of Diaspora with a request of rendering
financial and economic assistance to Javakhk. During the rally they
also demanded that the local authorities should resign. After the
announcement about gathering on April 24 for paying a tribute of their
respect to the Armenian Genocide victims the rally dispersed.