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April 2, 2002 member of the National TV and Radio Committee Hrachya
Bayadyan was absent from the committee sitting and did not sign the
decision on depriving A1+ of air license. Several months later he sent
in his resignation on his own will. Today he took part in the action
organized on occasion of the depriving of A1+ of air.

-What was the reason for your being absent from the sitting?

-Nothing was being decided at the sitting. All the issues had been
settled beforehand. Due to this very reason I did not come to the

-Do you think decisions are taken due to the same principle to date?

-The situation may be even worse. If at that time the committee
members debated on some issues, today discussion and discrepancies
within the committee are too minor or are absent at all.

-Is it possible that such a committee will ever issue a fair

-Surely, not.

-So, A1+ is not likely to receive the air license?

-To tell the truth I do not want to bind the problem with A1+
only. Our mass media are in deplorable condition at the moment.

-Would the situation improve if the committee members were more
independent and resolute?

-I do not believe they will ever become such. If one or two committee
members were appointed by chance, to date such fortuity is excluded.

Interview obtained by Karine Asatryan