Today NA President Arthur Baghdasaryan had a private conversation
with Herman de Kroo, President of the Belgium Chamber of
Representatives. The sides discussed the Armenian inter political
situation, the legislative amendments, the regional problems, the
Armenian-Belgian interparliamnetary issues and the cooperation in
the international structures.

It was mentioned that the Belgian support is very important for
Armenia within the framework of the program â[email protected]~Enlarged Europe;
New Neighborsâ[email protected]~]. As for regional cooperation, Arthur Baghdasaryan
found the establishing of normal relations with all the neighbors
important. He also mentioned Armenian readiness to discuss all the
questionable issues by means of negotiations.

The NA President thanked the Belgium Parliament for recognizing the
Armenian Genocide in 1998. It was mentioned that participating in
the South Caucasian Parliamentary Initiative in which delegates of
Armenian, Georgian and Azerbaijani Parliaments are included, Armenia
expects a South Caucasian Parliament to be created which can become
a field of discussing problems and finding solutions.

Estimating the importance of the visit Herman de Kroo, President of
the Belgium Chamber of Representatives, mentioned that representatives
of all the political powers of Belgium are included in the delegation
which is a rare phenomenon. Mr. Kroo expressed his readiness to support
the work of the Armenian Parliamentary delegation in International