Come on, speak

01 April 05

It is too early to speak of tangible results of the hearings held
on the Karabakh issue in the Armenian National Assembly. There is
still time to discuss proposals and learn lessons from constructive

At this point, however, we can speak of another 'result' -- equally
important: once again, the Karabakh hearings revealed how many real
political forces and politicians we have.

If a political party or a politician has nothing to say about the
top issue of our people and state, then what are their political
ambitions and expectations based upon? How do they see themselves
playing a role our political and public life?

In an "odd" coincidence, it was exactly from their mouths we had been
hearing ardent speeches with predictions-accusations-condemnations
regarding the Artsakh issue. It was the right place to speak out;
why didn't you do so? If you had suggestions, why didn't you make them?

If you knew the best solution, why didn't you propose it? If you
wanted to criticize, why didn't you do so? And if you are silent at
this crucial time, when are you going to speak out? Now wouldn't it
be more ethical to remain silent on this issue after this?