Unawareness verging insanity


01 April 05

At the beginning of March, the Turkish authorities and the opposition
decided to use a united way of denying the Armenian Genocide.

In frames of this denial campaign, the People-Republican party of
Turkey invited American scientist Justine McCarty, who is known for
his radical favor for Turkey. As the Aksam newspaper writes, McCarty
not only defends Turkish theses but also disseminates them around
the world.

In terms of the Genocide, McCarty is even more radical than Turks. He
claims that there were conflicts between both sides during the WWI
and both suffered losses. And he even says that Turks it was Turks
who dies most.

However, Turkish Milliyet newspaper believes that it is very difficult
for Turks to campaign against the Genocide. The newspaper states
that the Armenian lobby in America is currently getting stronger,
which can play a decisive role in the SU congress at any moment.
Jumhuriet newspaper adds in turn that the hired historian declared
that the genocide never took place and the issue is aimed at using
pressure on Ankara . Huriyet newspaper says that during McCarty's
meeting with head of Turkey's opposition Denis Baikal, McCarty stated
that the issue of the Armenian Genocide must be discussed only by
scientists. Turkish daily news calls McCarty extremely uninformed
and even unaware of the existence of the Armenian Republic after the
latter stated that "Armenians want recognition of the Genocide to
create an independent state."

McCarty is also rich in false discoveries. For example, he has stated
that Armenians were sponsored by the Russian Empire to destabilize
the situation in the Ottoman Empire in 1914.

At any rate, Turkish authorities are concerned with the Genocide issue
complicating relations with EU. During recent parliamentary hearings,
foreign minister Gul stated that the Turkish-EU relations are built
solely upon Copenhagen agreements and will not be obstructed by the
Genocide issue.

Turkish Terjuman newspaper that this year April 24 will not be so
easy to overcome for Turkey. But the newspaper believes that the
negotiations between the USA and EU on this issue will be mainly
conditioned by geopolitical factors.

Milliyet and Yeni Chagh newspapers touched upon the event organized
in Washington by Turkish-American organizations and called "90 years
after Turkish-Armenian tragedy in the Ottoman Empire." The reason why
the article appeared here was that the Turkish speech maker, professor
Atayov found himself in a very clumsy situation, when representative
of the Armenian National Committee of America Elizabeth Chouldjian,
referring to Turkish scientist works, unmasked the lies of Atayov.