Bells on Hungary radio to ring for Armenian victims

18.04.2005 17:26

YEREVAN (YERKIR) - Hungary's public radio will commemorate the Turkish
genocide of 1.5 million Armenians 90 years ago by broadcasting the
ringing of bells from Armenian churches in five countries this week,
according to a Reuters report.

"The radio is paying its respect to those killed in the first holocaust
of the 20th century by airing the ringing of bells from five different
churches at noon each day," the radio's Communication Director Katalin
Morvai said.

The bells will be from churches in Budapest, Romania, Jerusalem,
Beirut and Yerevan.

Ankara fears the anniversary, to be marked by Armenians and their
sympathizers on April 24, will trigger an outburst of anti-Turkish
feeling worldwide and dampen its aspirations for European Union
membership. The Turkish Embassy in Budapest said it had no comment,
as it was not aware of the radio station's intentions.

Hungary's government supports Turkey's European Union accession bid,
as do a big majority of Hungarians.