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April 26, 2005

(Saint Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral, Yerevan, 24 April 2005)

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Dearly beloved faithful,

We are living in days of remembrance and spiritual evocation, dedicated to
the 90th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. On the anniversary of this
great tragedy of history, we are joined by representatives of many nations
who have come to pay their respects and pray with us, as well as many
governments who have issued resolutions condemning the Genocide of the

Today we commemorate April 24 for the 90th time. From Armenian Church
altars throughout the world, the dispersed Armenian nation offers prayers to
heaven with Divine Liturgies; and in all corners of the earth, they humbly
bow their heads before memorials and monuments to the Armenian Genocide. On
the hill of Tsitsernakaberd, state officials of the Armenians, thousands and
thousands of our people, accompanied by representatives of different nations
and states, bowed down as well before the eternal memories of our martyrs,
and with heartfelt emotion in this evening hour of peace, we once again
entreat the Almighty to grant rest to their countless souls. We pray that
Almighty God keep and protect the world in peace and goodness, so that no
people ever again endure the tragedy of genocide. We pray for the creation
and progress of life, and in the brotherhood of peoples, which is the
significance and purpose of God's creation, since the paths of life are the
paths of the Lord. "For He created all things, that they might exist; and
the generations of the world are wholesome." Wisdom of Solomon 1:14

With this faith, our people survived the tragedy of genocide, and with the
hope of their re-born life, they commemorate its 90th anniversary. Our
people believe that they shall see the dawn of that righteous day, when the
first genocide of the 20th century will be universally recognized and

Ninety years ago the Young Turk authorities decided that by eliminating the
Armenian population they would solve the "Armenian Question". The turbulent
and confused circumstances of the First World War became the most opportune
time to organize the Armenian massacres and forced deportations. Western
Armenia was emptied of its native population. We lost more than 30
dioceses, and thousands of churches and clergymen. Our fragmented people
were dispersed throughout the world. Today, however, it is not merely the
pain of genocide in our souls, but also feelings of pride and consolation,
that Armenians, grief-stricken and displaced, settled on foreign shores,
were able to stand tall once again with faith and hope in their souls, and
rebuilt their homes and elevated their spiritual and national life.

We are proud and consoled to remember that in the catastrophic days of the
genocide, our people relying on God, unified their might to protect this
small piece of land in Eastern Armenia from the same murderers - land on
which our new statehood - the first Armenian Republic, was born. God willed
that our people, condemned to death by a wickedly conceived evil plan,
should live so that today the following question be raised before the
judgment of mankind: 'Where are the three million Armenians who were living
in the Ottoman Empire, primarily on their ancestral homelands?' Genocide
does not have a statute of limitations and it cannot have one, since mankind
cannot choose the paths of death. The paths of life are the paths of men.

Our time bears the responsibility to not leave the obligations of the
present day to tomorrow. The recognition of the first genocide of the 20th
century now will benefit the reinforcement of intolerance for violence and
prohibition of trampling of human and national rights, and will advance the
strengthening of humanitarian values.

As Pontiff of All Armenians, on behalf of our people dispersed throughout
the world, we extend words of gratitude today to all countries and peoples
who, in the most difficult times of our lives, accepted and welcomed the
Armenians who had survived the massacres. We also send a message of
gratitude to all states, international organizations and individuals who
have recognized the Genocide of the Armenians and who contribute their
efforts to make that recognition universal. Today, with prayer and
humility, we also remember those individuals, who in those dark days, raised
their voices of protest for the sake of our people being annihilated.

Our words of thanks also to the representatives of Sister Churches, official
delegations, members of non-governmental organizations, intellectuals from
different countries and ambassadors and representatives of diplomatic
missions accredited in Armenia, who are here on the occasion of the 90th
Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide to pay their respects, pray together
with us and are present today for this requiem service. We bring our love
and blessings to the survivors of the Genocide present here today, who bear
the courageous spirit and will of our people, and whose reward, according to
the words of our Lord, is great in heaven.

May God hear our prayers we offer to heaven asking for rest for the innocent
souls of our martyrs, and bless all efforts borne from the love of peace,
justice and life. "For He created all things, that they might exist; and
the generations of the world are wholesome."

May the grace, mercy and blessings from our Father in heaven be with us and
with all. Amen.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress