April 27 2005

EU calls on Armenians to set up joint committee with Turkey

The EP declaration described the years of WWI as a dark period for
all citizens of the Ottoman Empire.


April 27' Eighty members of the European Parliament have signed a
declaration calling on the Armenian head of state Robert Kocharyan to
accept a Turkish proposal to set up a joint committee to discuss
allegations that the Ottoman empire committed acts of genocide
against its Armenian citizens.

Ankara has put forward a proposal that a joint committee of
historians be established to study the Armenian genocide allegations
from 90 years ago.
The EP declaration called for the all the national archives of
the period of World War I to be opened. It said that this dark period
was a tragic one for all societies living in the Ottoman Empire.
The declaration also said that within this dark period that
people fought against each other, and that there were massacres and
death caused by diseases and famine.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress