Cyprus Press and Information Office, Occupied Northern Cyprus
April 27 2005

RPP deputy leader criticizes President Bush remarks on the Armenian

Ankara Anatolia news agency (25.04.05) reported the following from
Ankara: RPP [Republican Turkish Party] deputy leader Onur Oymen has
assessed President Bush's statement by saying that being overjoyed by
what he said will be wrong. He noted: "If you [President Bush] will
express regret on matters relating to the Armenians, then we will
have the right to expect a sympathetic statement relating to the more
than the half a million Turks killed by the Armenians in similar
In a written statement, Oymen said that President Bush refraining
from using the word "genocide" confirms a reality. He asserted: "In
view of that, it will be wrong to be overjoyed by President Bush's
speech when it is assessed. We have ascertained from our records and
archives that the Armenians killed 513,000 Turks in the past. Do we
not have the right to expect a sympathetic statement? If you will
speak about the incidents and the Armenians who lost their lives in
the past, then we will have the right to expect a sympathetic
statement for the more than half a million Turks who were killed by
the Armenians in similar incidents. President Bush supported Turkey's
initiative for the establishment of a committee of experts.

However, he failed to criticize the Armenians for failing to open
their archives. That has to be considered. Nor did President Bush
make a compassionate statement or extend condolences in connection
with the Turkish diplomats who were killed by the ASALA [Armenian
Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia] terrorists. It is as if
these incidents did not take place. Those who were lost were our
people. They were our most valuable people. The Armenian terrorists
killed our diplomats after Turkey's operation in Cyprus. They
probably cooperated with the Greek Cypriot terrorists to do so. Why
has the world failed to react? Why have we failed to ask the foreign
countries to react to what has been done? Why have we failed to give
priority to that? We have a lot to say on the matter. An inclination
exists to accuse Turkey and force it to defend itself. However, we
should be the side to complain."