| 12:23:09 | 30-04-2005 | Politics |


According to the RA Constitution, the power in our country belongs to our
people. The same Constitution states that the people express their opinion
via elections and referenda. However the society does not have the right to
initiate a referendum. When commenting on the issue first Armenian Ombudsman
Larisa Alaverdyan said, «I suppose the issue is subject to discussion and
should receive a positive development».

Nevertheless, she was cautious to express her opinion. He did not openly
protest the citizens' right for referendum on any issue. «I by no means say
that it conflicts with the legislative field. Any expansion of human rights
and approach to the international norms is admissible and we welcome it.
However the circumstances of state development should be taken into
consideration and clauses conflicting with the Constitution should not be
adopted. This is the fundamental approach by our part', she said. To make
the approach wightier Larisa Alaverdyan resorted to international standards.
`International norms speak of correspondence to geopolitical and personal

Being the human rights defender and witnessing the imperfection of the RA
laws Larisa Alaverdyan nevertheless bring forth the condition of not
conflicting with the laws. When responding to the question whether the RA
Constitution should empower citizens with the right to hold referendums the
human rights defender said, «It is a very specific issue. I support items
providing for expansion of human rights. However it should be legal.»

Lena Badeyan